Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Voltaire Burning The Confederate Flag

Senate Rejects Flag Desecration Amendment:

I'm fine with SC putting the confederate flag in a museum -- Jeb Bush did that in FL, not that the media gives him any credit for it. It is a state issue, let them take care of it.

There was once an American principle called "Freedom of Speech". The ACLU defended the right of Nazis to march in Skokie. Caustic comics like Lenny Bruce and others were staunchly defended from especially the left, but in general, "free speech" -- definitely including very derogatory, racist, obscene, incendiary, etc speech was considered a cornerstone of America. In general, we agreed with Voltaire : "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

Liberty was a big thing in that country -- we even had a statue to celebrate it. "Give me liberty or give me death" was a famous quote of that nation.

As you can see from the linked article, as recently as 2006 you could not get an amendment to prevent burning the US Flag through the US Senate. Burning the US Flag was deemed important enough speech that even though clearly incendiary "speech" in more ways than one, it was important that you be allowed to burn the symbol that over a million soldiers have died to preserve over the course of our history.

Then came "hate speech". It can't be defined in advance -- for example just this past weekend, BO said "the N-word", but in his case it isn't defined as "hate speech", so it is OK. He also read from his own book "Dreams From My Father", where his use of the word is much less "presidential".

"Hate Speech" is like "taxes", "sexual harassment", "racism", or a whole host of other concepts now that are weapons used by the dominant party (Democrat) to destroy the opposition when and as desired. It is about POWER, not law.

Since the nation no longer has shared values that ALL parties observe EQUALLY, like "free speech", everything becomes a matter of pure political calculation. So if the confederate flag is considered objectionable, it is an instant wedge issue to be used for political gain with no discussion of freedom of speech.

Next week the same people could turn around an defend burning a US Flag, because the ONLY issue in a nation without rule of law is POLITICS! "Law" is whatever is the "political winner" -- and in fact becomes a malleable weapon -- today one person or politician can use the N-word and be fine, tomorrow another can say "niggardly" and be taken down as an insensitive racist.

The key to survival in a totalitarian nation is "watching the winds of power blow". While Republicans had absolutely no reason to run for cover in SC, it was obvious that the media storm was blowing their direction, so they quickly acted as scared rabbits to see how quickly they could get out of the way to try to minimize their damage.

BO however has catbird power -- he can say the N-word with impunity. No outcry, off the news as fast as it shows up, no storm -- power prerogative. The masses know power and are impressed by it -- the media and TP ability to successfully pin a flag raised by Democrats on Republicans and having the Republicans portrayed as little boys caught with their pants down as they try to deal with the storm is an impressive show that resonates with the common man. The rank and file sheeple don't really know how they are being manipulated, and it is sad to see what BO refers to as the "bitter clingers" jerking about as marionettes in the hands of spastic masters.

Voltaire and the French put too much faith in the common man. Our founders understood that and gave us a written Constitution, rule of law, and made us a Republic, not a "democracy" (mobocracy). Watching the machinations of TP this week shows how easily the vast vast majority of this nation can now be manipulated in our state of totalitarian political power.

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