Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baby Parts For Sale -- Who Cares?

Baby Parts for Sale : snopes.com:

Not a single MSM source has picked this up that I could find, though it is getting coverage in the conservative space. Snopes is still non-committal, and it MIGHT be related to James O'Keefe who brought down ACORN by taking covert videos of them helping bring in illegal alien underage girls for prostitution -- the left was really ticked about ACORN being brought down. Illegal alien underage girls for prostitution? Why would THAT bother them???

Let's face it -- what part of NO MORALS is it that people are always failing to get? If you will kill a baby, sanction gay "marriage", be fine with gay "parents" having a sexualized young boy dancing in a gay pride parade, then what could it possibly mean to draw some sort of a "moral line"?? To even think of such a thing calls one with the idea into question as not being fully on board with the cool folks agenda!

No limits is no limits -- your betters have spoken, you best stand and applaud! Oh ... and BTW, take down those OFFENSIVE Stars and Bars! Learn to do as you are told -- and enjoy it!

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