Thursday, July 09, 2015

BOcare For Housing AFFH

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule Passes | National Review Online:

AFFH ... Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing ... 377 pages.

In true Lutheran fashion, What does this mean?

It means that red voting areas in blue states are about to turn blue. Take MN 6th distrifct, the one that Michelle Bachman held. It is a red district in a blue state that is NOT DIVERSE!

AFFH will move "the right kind of voters" into the 6th until it IS "diverse" (BLUE!) ....  better yet, in some "low density areas" (read suburbs with large lots and houses), a few  McManshions will be eminent domained (see Kelo ruling by SCOTUS in 2005) and a nice high rise for low income housing of proper diversity will be put up!

No need to do this in proper limosine liberal suburbs with huge homes -- eg BO's Hyde Park Chicago neighborhood. Already BLUE! (generally lilly white as well save the BO family, BUT ... no need to "diversify" -- already BLUE!).

A TWO-Fer! Punish your enemies in red by lowering the property values in their neighborhood, PLUS, turn a red neighborhood blue! Of course it is RACIST to say that building a high rise full of low income voters in the middle of a low density neighborhood will lower home values! Heck, it may even be "hate speech" to claim such that can get you locked up!

Over the slightly longer term, this is a major part of the strategy to lock blue in everywhere -- why not move a couple thousand "Undocumented Democrats" into a few key districts outside of say Oklahoma City? No voter ID, instant blue!

Law? We don't need no stinkin law -- we have HUD!

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