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Chattanooga, Charlotte, Military Carry

Soldiers want OK to carry concealed weapons on base | Army Times |

Military installations on the US are largely "gun free zones" or has we regularly discover (Ft Hood),  "free slaughter zones". Unless you are "law enforcement",  Police or Military Police -- no gun. So you are a target.

So if you are a Muslim and want to shoot some infidels, what better location than a military installation -- including thousands of recruiting offices across the country?

The first requirement in joining TP ( THE Party, "D") is giving up independent thought. Just like being with "the in crowd" in High School. Check your brain at the door and be quick to pick up on the rules for what it is you are supposed to think, say, wear, do and even what sort of language you are are to use. Some examples:

"Terrorist"? If the perpetrator is named "Muhammad", you have to be VERY careful about any statements and ESPECIALLY any sort of "association" -- with "Muslims, Islam, etc". Even if proof positive is provided that said perpetrator was trained by ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, PLO, Al-Shabab, etc, etc it would be VERY wrong to suggest any "pattern" here! (if you are liberal, you DON'T see one!!!)

ABSOLUTELY a crazy acting alone. NO CONNECTION to Islam, and even if it should be shown by extreme evidence that the person was acting DIRECTLY under influence of a specific Mosque, Imam, etc, well, there is NO CONNECTION!!! Islam is the "religion of peace"!

White shooting Blacks"? Clearly a Terrorist linked to all sorts of racism represented by the Confederate Flag!! IMMEDIATE action MUST be taken in order to root out any symbol of this clear organization to which this person was CONNECTED!! No chance it is just a crazy acting alone! Tear down flags, statues, demonstrate, etc. ACTION REQUIRED!

Picture of Muhammad (not the TN shooter!)? Incendiary! Anyone who exhibits one is insanely seeking violence (they must WANT to be beheaded)! We have not quite got the gumption to fully outlaw them yet, but we are trying! Such images are hateful and need to be done away with!

Confederate flag? Likewise -- tear them down. Vandalize sites that have them. Fire people that show one. Take TV shows of the air if one is shown in them.

Crucifix in urine? Gay flag? Anti-Christian speech?  No problemo -- Christians have NO RIGHT TO BE OFFENDED!!! A cross in urine is "art". PRIDE in your sexuality is positive! It deserves to be flaunted in any way you see fit -- those that don't like it can "change the channel / cover their eyes / etc". (oh, if you are Muslim, we are sorry ... try to be quiet. We are OK with you being against homosexuality, it is your heartfelt religious belief, and we respect that for Muslims!)

All of this ought not ever be discussed and certainly not written down. In today's world, tough questions should never be asked of left leaning politicians like BO, as evidenced by the mini-tempest last week when Major Garrett asked a tough question. A non-independent left leaner may not even entertain the idea of "why is there a different standard when questions are asked of those in the middle or right?" Why any even vicious question about "not caring about troops being killed", etc that could be thrown up to W or Cheney was APPLAUDED ... and loudly! "Truth to power" and all that.

BTW -- other than losing some of his cool, BO did fine on the response. He was of course lying, but he does that all the time and very well. His "agreement" is a complete and total sell-out, but that is beside the point. The POINT is the question of it being  legitimate to ASK him hard questions. If one is "right wing" enough to believe in there being more than one political side to issues, then either the answer is YES, or it is ALWAYS no! One simply can't have any shred of independent thought and be angry about the question being ASKED to one side and not the other!

The point of this post though is that you can no longer be a "popular main stream American" and even raise the kind of questions I am raising here.

You have to be 100% against the confederate flag -- no room for "tradition, history, individual preference, etc".

You have to ignore all evidence of the fact that a very large set (not "all") people of Islamic belief are intent to achieve victory over Western Culture and especially Christianity, by violence if necessary, because they believe we are "The Great Satan". The leaders that BO has made an "agreement" with REGULARLY call the US The Great Satan -- they believe it. In the same way that I assume that lefties believe that if we follow whatever their policy de jour is that it will somehow lead to "a better future" (to the extent they have a handle on what "better" is) ... or at least feel it is worth it for their own "going along to get along" that they will continue that they act like they believe that.

You have to be 100% on board for "whatever" from gays.

You are OK with our military not being able to defend themselves on bases domestically. There is no outcry to let them be armed. There is no outcry that domestic Islamic Terrorism is a FAR greater threat than "confederate flags" -- but there is no call to action here!

You care less about a young woman being gunned down in the street of a "sanctuary city", but you were well on board with "Black Lives Matter" ... and you see no problem in this because it aligns with what you know to be "the correct/popular thought".

I could just keep listing things, but you got the point and feel like I do, or you quit reading long ago.

It isn't just a difference of opinion anymore -- the left has become so dominant in this country that all forms of thought and conversation are saturated with "correct" or "reactionary / right-wing / Fox News / etc" instant categorization.

We know how we are SUPPOSED to think on all issues -- some of us just don't think that way.

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