Monday, July 13, 2015

Climate "Surprise", Geothermal Heats Glaciers!

Natural geothermal heating in melt-hit Antarctic region 'SURPRISINGLY high' • The Register:

The "settled scientist" has to live either a life of only looking at computer model data in a darkened room, or be forced to face a number of "surprises". So the shock when they discover that geothermal heat melts ice! Who would have imagined it! ?

The life of "settled science" one of "strange happenings" -- when you KNOW that the planet is heating, you can be forced into a situation of "no explanation" for why sea ice would be expanding from already record (in very short history, like < 100 years) levels.

I mean, they KNOW that the temps are rising, so it is indeed a complete mystery as to why more ice is being created!

When your hypothesis/theory becomes an article of "settled religions faith", data which fails to fit your hypothesis/theory can't be explained!

Thus proving that whatever man holds to be his "highest good" becomes "religion" -- of which, "science" is a very poor compared to Christianity.

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