Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CNN Solar Ice Age, The AGW Memory Hole Begins


In 10 years or so, "Anthropogenic Global Warming" is very likely to be in the same class as "Reagan risks war with USSR" and "The World is out of oil" are today.  That the world was out of oil was "settled" for the learned, following,  and media classes in the late '70s. The long term certain success of the USSR and the rank stupidity of challenging them was similarly certain past the mid '80s.

"Always certain, frequently wrong" has been the mantra of the "rulers, intelligentsia, experts, chattering classes" since we sat around the campfire in skins -- the average man is always much more willing to listen to someone that is CERTAIN, so the Shamans always are.

Mooses on the other hand, never are -- but we do observe present and past,  what actually happens, and ALWAYS point out that "predictions are hard to make -- especially about the future!" (Berra).

I've covered this a number of times in this blog, but it is interesting to see CNN and others now realizing that the sun might have something to do with climate! (the "scientists" they quote still aren't sure -- I wonder if they will figure it out if it really

Note also the willingness to make a prediction only FIFTEEN YEARS into the future by the solar guys! .., vs relying on predictions 100 years into the future as the AGW crowd does. I guess they have to, since their 15 year predictions have already been shown to be total bunk.

Anyway, it might be a good time to buy tracks for my Ranger! Just imagine how HAPPY the AGW folks will be if the HORROR of a few inches of sea level rise is actually replaced by inability to grow crops over the bulk of the food producing areas of the planet! How WONDERFUL! Cutting the number of humans and vastly increasing the number of polar bears! -- enough to warm the cold heart of a Warmist!

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