Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Gay Pride, A Pagan Two-for

Love Among the Ruins - WSJ:

The linked article shows that I'm not the only one that sees the world we are living in at this moment as completely surreal.

The rainbows flowered all over FB and even at the WH -- what was the official position of BO on gay "marriage" in 2008 BTW? Oh, never mind, the idea that there should be any remote semblance of consistency in any form from ANYONE on the left is completely absurd -- being left means never having any consistency beyond "leftward ho"!

As the article points out, people were being beheaded and blown up, and gays were being thrown to their deaths elsewhere, but all that counts here in lala-land is that a few hold out states in the already leftist gay riddled and dying US were now forced by 5 people in robes to create a new right to something with no definition (follow the link -- or just just try to define bi-sexual "marriage", no definition beyond "it's legal!")

The core human failing always has been and always will be PRIDE! The Bible makes it clear that "the BEGINNING of wisdom is the fear of God" and the core of Christianity is the acknowledgement that we are sinners in need of a Saviour to pull us up from our broken condition. To be human is to know pride, to be a Christian is to know that pride is a deadly sin.

"Gay Pride" VERY proudly trumpets two mortal sins -- equal sins. The pride is just as much and no more sin than the gay. No Christian would hold pride up as a virtue -- "Gay Pride" is pagan two-fer. It really ought to be PRIDE!! -- Gay Edition.

But watching social and public media erupt with cheap and exuberant pride of those feeling superior because they have followed the winds of the crowd. "If all your friends jumped over a cliff would you follow them?" used to be a parental admonition to stand on your own feet and think independently. That used to be an American value -- independent thought, independence, being willing to stand on your own two feet!  It is one of the many things that died as America died.

Now the masses chests swell cheaply with pagan pride, totally unaware of what they are even uttering beyond it being popular. When the gates are opened and vice becomes virtue, there is no moderating force beyond raw dictatorial power and violence. This is completely known and old as man -- see Pandora and Prometheus.

For thousands of years civilization tamed the chaos of the human soul, with great cost and effort -- most effectively with Judaism and Christianity. Even up to the middle of the 20th century many at least recognized what we had and why we had it ("God and Man at Yale" is a very worthy read on that topic).

It is obvious to those few of us that still have a very tenuous connection with the wisdom of the ages that the Furies have been released -- and the masses cheer to "Give us Barabbas"!!, because as always, they know not what they do.

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