Saturday, July 18, 2015

Holocaust 2015, Till Death Do Us Part

2015 has become yet another horrible descent in the abyss of cultural and moral decay in this lawless region of the north american continent. The tiny remaining minority of decent people keep thinking there must be a bottom, but there isn't! 

Abortion gives insight into the world that would have been if Germany had won WWII and "undesirables" continued to be killed in mass and their "tissue" used for whatever purpose their murders invented. The sacrifice of children has always been a mark of the most primitive pagan cultures. Cannibalism is another -- is the trafficking in the body parts of murdered innocents better or worse than cannibalism? Does it matter? 

For the vast majority of humans still drawing breath in 2015, but bereft of the morals and culture that define what it is to be human, it just doesn't matter. They want their "free stuff", and they have sunk so low that they see each new abomination as a "victory". They just nod to "whatever", and they only "care" if they are told to care. 

There is no moral bottom -- depravity has no principles, so it lacks the mercy of limits. Thanks be to God that human life remains limited however!  We will only be exposed to the depravity till death does us part!  

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