Thursday, July 23, 2015

Police Kill 2,993 Blacks in TX Since '08!

In Texas, an illegal immigrant crime wave | Power Line:

Wow! Now THAT is a headline that would get some real attention!

But it is really Undocumented Democrats (Illegal Aliens) that killed that number -- and that is likely quite low, because in includes only those that had been PREVIOUSLY fingerprinted!

Lots of rape and other crimes as well -- but who really cares? These are Undocumented Democrats most likely preying on other Undocumented Democrats! One can assume that the vast majority of their victims are Hispanic and possibly even Illegals -- those are also lives that don't matter. Like the 6K young black men who are gunned down by other young black men each year.

It is maddening to even think about this stuff. There is effectively no way to respond -- calling it out is immediately branded as "racist", and to the extent that the ruling powers would be interested in "doing something", the "something" would be more family killing welfare, government "day care" programs, easy divorce, aid programs to encourage young women to have more and more children out of wedlock -- the very policies that created the disaster we are looking at. Dependence, despair, decadence -- the flower of Democrat policy.

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