Friday, July 17, 2015

"Progressives", No, We Really DO Want A Police State

Liberals Lose to Scott Walker in Wisconsin Again, Again - The Daily Beast:

Reading this makes it clear that the left desires a police state rather than "politics", which can be "corrupt" ... I mean, if there is "another side", then the the "progressive" forces (which are ALWAYS the "moral" ones) have to deal with opposition. Having an opposing party is "corrupt".

The "no coordination rule" is like all the other campaign finance rules -- it is designed to stop CONSERVATIVE political speech. NBC, ABC, NPR, George Soros,, the Clinton Foundation, loads of other PACs, University Organizations, Unions, etc, etc can operate in LOCK STEP with the Democratic Party for fundraising, policy -- ANYTHING!

Other than the case of GOVERNMENT Unions overtly operating as part of the Democrat party, I have no beef.

While "progressives" find the fact that there are conservative organizations, and they talk to each other to be somehow "corrupt", the only case I find to be corrupt is the case of the government union acting in concert with one political party. The MSM, the educational apparatus, thousands of left wing organizations, and of course unions all talk and act 100% in lock step from the Democrat side.

Knocking down doors in the middle of the night and running secret investigations is EXACTLY what the left ALWAYS does -- USSR, Nazi Germany, China, Cuba, etc, etc -- and WISCONSIN!

The thin veneer separating us from the totalitarian police state has never been thinner -- it is so thin in fact that a number of people now openly advocate for a Police State to remove removal of all political opposition.

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