Friday, July 24, 2015

A Non-Profit Prostitution Sermon

Yes, Your Opinion Can Be Wrong | Houston Press:

Perhaps in the far future, scientists will be able to develop an absolutely scientific and factual view of human  existence from the atomic through molecular to the biologic to the conscious to the societal that is consistent, complete and comprehensible. Edward O. Wilson covered this idea and named it "Consilience". The link takes you to my 2007 Blog on the book. Until we get a lot closer to level of understanding he talks of, we likely should not try to develop any new religions.

But, being human, we have developed the "modern" religion of Secular Humanism, of which a main article of faith is "Climate Change" and one of the leading sacraments is Abortion.

After having sat through sermons of one sort of another in church for 90%+ of weeks for nearly 60 years (I'm sure I got something out of the early ones through osmosis), sermons are nothing new, and the attached article is clearly a sermon.

One could easily replace "Climate Change" with "Young Earth", "Virgin Birth" or "The Cross" -- The factual nature is believed "by definition" -- because it is an article of faith. Non-believers are damned -- either explicitly or implicitly. Those with the "true doctrine" are "saved" ( ... redeemed, included, worthy, blessed, etc).

While we are a long way from "Consilience", science has figured out that we are wired for religion -- (The Righteous Mind for one source). The objection I have for articles like the one linked is that they remind me of a scenario where a young man meets a young woman, they have what he believes to be a wonderful evening together, he is smitten, he is shocked / amazed / honored when she agrees to go home with him -- and then crushed / disgusted / heartbroken when she asks for payment. He thought it was one thing, but it was another.

Religion is religion -- the real contenders are thousands of years old. They all are "promising / selling / asserting" something that transcends the day to day human existence, and for the ones that in my opinion have any claims to reality, have billions of adherents over their millennia of existence.

Secular Humanism is the like the young woman until she asks for payment -- and it may even run on for a number of "dates". It is the religion that claims to be MORE than religion, while never admitting that it even IS a religion -- but it hooks into exactly the same human dreams, desires and emotions.

"“Which number is bigger, 15 or 5?” or “Do owls exist?” or “Are there hats?”" ... therefore "Climate Change" -- is the leading "argument" in this column.  I stated three things unrelated to my premise that are obviously true ... therefore my premise is clearly true, and YOU are "wrong". Oh, and BTW, you should be impressed by my "intelligence".

Modern Secular Humanism (SH)  is more of a cult religion than it is like the mainline religions. It demands that you denounce those that refuse to agree with your tenets --  and not discuss the articles of the SH faith with non-believers. Ideally you "separate yourselves" -- say from the brother, parents, etc that persist in watching "Faux News".  The big promises of SH are very much like the traditional religions ... "fellowship and care" -- as long as you adhere to ALL SH positions you can be friends with our members, not "cast out", and "The State" which is great and good will grant you your daily bread.

That "Climate Change" was one of the items selected for this supposed "wisdom sermon" was unsurprising, but apparently the real onus for the column was the damage that the Planned Parenthood videos had done to the SH honored sacrament of Abortion. The argument used in the "takedown" from "Fact" (a left wing site) was that "PP wasn't making any money off the body parts, so it is OK"!

In the SH religion, if the prostitute is "just breaking even", that makes it ok! Profit is a sin -- and prostitution is not. I suppose the SH flock feels refreshed and uplifted ... or at least smug, when they get through with a sermon like that, but sadly they are actually unwitting victims of non-profit religious prostitution.

It may feel good, but it isn't ACTUALLY a religion for your eternal soul.

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