Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Scarlet H, Fooled Again

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No ... not Hillary! HATE -- the all purpose way to brand those that fail to rigidly follow all the doctrines of the left.  (although it is not hard to see the connection!)

There was once a book called "The Scarlet Letter" -- it talked of the evil of the Puritans labeling Hester Prynne with a scarlet "A" for Adultery.

Our natures all carry the desire to be "better" -- on the whole, the urge is beneficial for our development as individuals and societies. But our natures also include the desire for "shortcuts" ... for example the idea that by labeling others as "less worthy", our status can be artificially improved with no effort save our adherence to some set of rules or conventions.

Our nation has taken a nasty leftward lurch in the past 6 years -- the work ethic is at lows not seen since the sad 1970's, and all manner of leftward social thought is in rapid ascension. "Puritanism" is part of our wiring  -- it can be directed in any direction. When the standards used for morals for thousands of years are torn down, the same impulses that enforced those standards need a mooring -- so they find it.

So now you either applaud gay "marriage" or you get a Scarlet H. Same for having the opinion that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of the old south -- with all sorts of connotations, both positive and negative -- as all human symbols embody. Transgender -- the list will just grow and grow as the new puritans grow in power.

I'm including The Who, "We Won't Get Fooled Again" because of it's line "Meet the new boss Same as the old boss", but unfortunately, that is not true. The "old boss" was a limited government purposely hamstrung by a Constitution and a careful separation of powers. The "new boss" has no limits -- God is replaced by a "government god". Earthly and flawed, but with Promethean powers. We have been fooled -- very likely for the last time.

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