Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Walker Derangement Syndrome -- A Good Sign

Walker Derangement Syndrome Off to a Fast Start | Power Line:

When you stand for something, you are BOUND to have enemies! Reagan was HATED by the MSM, the elite and the left of course. He was VERY successful.

Walker has successfully brought Wisconsin back from a virtual socialist backwater, now showing some signs of economic growth. He has also stood up to public unions -- the first politician to do that since Reagan stood up to PATCO.

He has experience, he has backbone, AND, he is willing stand up to the high and mighty arrogant powers of the left. At this point, I'm convinced he is the best option that Americans that would like to see some shreds of American greatness survive a bit longer have for 2016.

The state of America today is a bit like having the Sta Puft Marshmallow man show up to your house fire -- not good at all, but better than no marshmallows!

BTW, it seems that Walker did his announcement with NO TELEPROMPTER! ... Just imagine how brilliant the press would think he was if he was a D!

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