Monday, July 20, 2015

Walker in Council Bluffs

Scott Walker comes to Council Bluffs | Power Line:

Good little report on Walker's visit to Council Bluffs IA.

His main theme is that the current good GOP field consists of fighters and winners. He is different because he has fought and won. Powerful message.
The article is short and worth the read. At least conservative politics in the US still involves connecting with people, and that is Walker's main strength. No giant unions of teachers and government workers (I repeat myself) are going to be marching door to door in lockstep for the Republican nominee, so they have to do the retail politics on their own. An aloof Faux Queen like Hildebeast (kudos to Michelle Obama!) wouldn't have a prayer.

Also, as they mention, he is a tough politician that wears his toughness lightly -- in the very worthy tradition of Reagan.

The US is beyond saving -- but at least for us old guys, a slower crash might make some difference.

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