Thursday, July 02, 2015

Will Israel Save America? A Worthy Read

Will Israel Save America? – Tablet Magazine:

This is worth taking the time to read -- real thought, real history, real unavoidable truth for consideration by mortal people to humble themselves enough to at least recognize their mortality and their limits both individually and collectively. History is full of examples of the pain caused by humans failing to do this -- to choose "men as Gods" (kings -- dictators, 5 people in robes).

A little teaser -- but the essence can't really be shortened very much.
One does not have to view Israel’s accomplishments through a theological mirror to understand what the Jewish State tells us about statecraft. Freedom does not arise from the mere presence of democratic institutions, as we learned in Iraq, or from bursts of popular enthusiasm, as we learned in the Arab Spring, or from participation in elections, as we learned when Hamas swept the 2006 West Bank elections. It depends on the radical commitment to the premise that a higher power than human caprice is the ultimate arbiter in civic life. It requires willingness to take existential risk. That is the Jewish principle in politics, the civil content of the Sinai covenant, and the basis for the American Founding. To the extent we have forgotten this, the people who stood at Mount Sinai still are there to remind us. If we reject this reminder, we will un-choose ourselves as Americans.

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