Thursday, August 13, 2015

Champion Of Poor Moore Sells Hovel

Michael Moore's Michigan Mansion Up for Sale for $5.2 Million | The American Spectator:

Consistency is NEVER an issue if you are in the good graces of TP and the left. "Hypocrisy" is a term that simply does not exist as long as you are left -- Bill Clinton can be BOTH a serial abuser of women AND a champion of women! The concept of hypocrisy just doesn't exist for the left looking at the left. It isn't that they ignore it, it is that it has no meaning there. Like "wet / dry" to a fish!

However, someone not of TP, especially if they make any claim to holding any moral standards, is CERTAINLY a TOTAL HYPOCRITE by definition! It is inescapable, that is simply how the lefty TP mind works!

Thus, it is easy to understand Moore. It isn't possible for him to be a hypocrite -- the left in this mortal coil gives complete past and future redemption from needing to follow the rules that are applied only to those "not of the body", those terrible lost and unrepentant souls that fail to bow before the power of TP and "get their minds right".

Mikes mind is right -- so he can be BOTH a champion of the poor and filthy rich, heaping gobs of abuse on those of the wrong political persuasion that are wealthy. THEIR money comes at the expense of the poor and contributes to the horrible "inequality".

But not Moore's.

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