Monday, August 10, 2015

Conservatives Shalt Not Collaborate

Wisconsin's Shame: New Audiotape Brings Terrifying John Doe Raid to Life | National Review Online:

The main focus of this particular article is pointing out fallacies in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's attempt to discredit one of the people whose home was invaded as part of the Milwaukee Prosecutors claimed investigation into "collaboration" among" conservative groups in Wisconsin -- amazingly, a "crime" if you are a conservative!

I covered the Gestapo style raids here.

What we see happening here is that the onslaught of "campaign finance law" which started in wake of Watergate is has increasingly become merely a way to harass and sometimes actually prosecute the opposition (R) for doing what "The Party" (TP-Democrat) do as an open matter of day to day operation.

Government Unions, Unions, Teachers, Lawyers, Wall Street, Media ... you can go look at the lists here (go to the far right side and pick 100% Democrat / Liberal to rank those ... or go the other way and look at the list from the right. Maybe the single biggest revelation is that money is mothers milk to both parties as they seek to reach 300 million people. I agree that it is is too much money, but it IS relative!  ALL our national elections in 2012 cost $2B less than Halloween!

The reason that TP cries about campaign finance is to control and cut it off from their opposition is because they don't believe there ought to be any opposition to what they see as their completely correct positions. Collaboration, and it's flip side competition,  is part of any free human organization or activity. They come with the package like breathing, need for bathrooms, preening, bitching, gossiping, etc. They remain even in a totalitarian state -- but they can be highly regimented and suppressed. The general population not standing up for those that TP targets and always standing up for those TP approves ("Stand up don't shoot", Bruce Jenner, gay "marriage", confederate flag ...)

We were supposed to live in a REPUBLIC that had Democratic input and where government was LIMITED. If we lived in that nation, then spending less money and time on politics would be fine. Wonderful even!

However, we now live under significant bureaucratic dictatorship where  alphabet agencies like IRS, NSA, EPA, etc with  effectively no controlling authority" operate against individuals and groups that they find to be a threat to their power. These agencies are part of a massive government that consumes nearly 40% of our GDP and is nearing being $20T in bonded debt, and over twice that in unfunded liability (FICA, Medicare, etc).

While collaboration is 100% standard for TP as it is for all humans and human organizations, it uses it's dominant power in government and the justice system to attack any that oppose TP. The "crime" of Scott Walker and his supporters is that he opposes TP and was able to gain a TINY concession from PUBLIC unions in WI. This engendered riots, death threats, legal action -- and raids on supporters in the middle of the night.

"Man is not free unless Government is limited" (Reagan).

When government becomes unlimited and starts harassing the opposition and then breaking down their doors in the middle of the night, it is a strong sign that things are very far gone. The non-reaction of the the general public to this outrage shows that 2nd amendment supporters are very right -- the vast majority of people are already either under TPs thrall, influence or fear that they are perfectly willing to stand by silently while the opposition loses their right to fund their operations, collaborate, and ultimately their right to life.

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