Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Dead Officers, Dead Babies, Dead Animals

The Memphis police officer was the 18th officer shot and killed so far this year - The Washington Post:

What makes humans different is a moral soul. Suppress or corrupt that and we are mere ciphers -- nothing more than the computers we calculate on. Figures on paper -- aside from emotional attachment, moral feeling, grief, outrage, anger, shock, media manipulation, political movements, etc, lives lost are mere numbers. (eg. National Socialism killed 6 million Jews in WWII Germany)

Last summer at this time we were immersed in "Black lives matter" because of Michael Brown in Ferguson MO and Eric Garner in Staten Island. We were inundated by the media and The Party (Democrat) by this story for months. We were told complete lies about the actual situations, designed to make the "victims" (young men shot by police) seem innocent and the police seem like racist thugs. A courageous BLACK reporter for the liberal WaPo covered the fact of the Michael Brown lies here.

We have been manipulated nationally to be on an emotional hair trigger relative to young black men being shot by white officers. (but totally unconcerned when they shoot each other) The Memphis shooting - killing of a white police officer by a black man has no such national emotional content. The linked article gives some numbers -- 18 officers shot and killed in the line of duty this year, slightly down from last year, we have been seeing about 50 shot and killed every year for quite awhile, down from where it used to be. No media presented emotional content to the officer being killed -- not part of TPs narrative!

Numbers -- if the officer was your father, brother, husband, friend, etc, that would make a GIANT difference. As it does when the car crash victim is a loved one rather than just a number. This has all been well understood by the wise for likely most of human history. To paraphrase Adam Smith  "... if all China were swallowed up tonight, we would be more afflicted by the knowledge that we were to lose our little finger tomorrow than by that great calamity." The actual Smith quote is at the end of this blog post if you want to check my paraphrase.

We have an inherent understanding of this fact as humans if we STOP AND THINK, but the reason that our founders created a Republic, NOT a "Democracy" (mob rule) was because masses of common people, busy with their daily lives and wanting to "fit in" are far far too easy to manipulate. Reacting as we are told to react is easier, and as the societal drive to conform becomes greater, and often even safer.

Smith understood that humans can't be otherwise than to be more affected by their PERSONAL situation than by global calamity, because it is our nature. So markets naturally developed which operate based on actual (not the desired) human nature. Smith didn't invent capitalism, he discovered and documented it. It is also true that an extremely painful finger is likely to make you forget about A LOT, and inherently disrupt your rational thought.

Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, BO, the NYTs, Satan, Madison Avenue, etc discovered that constant bombardment by specific messages, especially when coupled with appropriate rewards and punishments ( free stuff vs higher taxes for BO, life vs death for Hitler, etc) could make most people follow a political regime that promised immediate and PERSONAL benefit to them for following. The "benefit" might be as small as "if you think this way, you will be in alignment with the forces of good / progressive / intelligent / popular / proper thought". If you don't think that way, you will be "bad / reactionary / stupid / unpopular / improper". The "promise" hasn't changed much at all ... "You surely will not die! "For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."…

You will be "like God(s)" ... at least in comparison to the "bad / reactionary / stupid / unpopular / etc".

The human condition is one of generally "weak" or "selfish" moral sentiments, which are fairly easily manipulated. Western Civilization was based on the success of Judaism and Christianity to provide a very strong moral framework that gave the common man a set of "higher objectives" relative to his eternal soul, making human life sacred, promoting hard work, respect for parents, ancestors, tradition and the value of caring for others in our community. We once had a strong Judeo - Christian moral compass of our own and were able to resist (to some degree with Gods help) Serpents, Democrats and Media.

We now have The Party -- the dominant media / educational / political system that most values conformance and tells us what to think about all issues and happenings, and more importantly, which to focus on, 24x7. That is why I heard a segment on "Marketplace" last evening discussing how various animal parts -- polar bear and lion being chief, were now on the "no fly list", and how wonderful that was. Animal parts are now sacred ... baby parts are legitimate objects of commerce. Thus saith the "progressive moral compass" today.

As is typical of the "progressive compass", they didn't mention if a rabbit's foot, beef jerky, or halibut shipped back from Alaska would be prohibited -- consistency, practicality, cost, common sense, etc are never part of the "progressive" thought process -- FEELING GOOD (self righteous) about something new is the primary objective, sticking it to some new sub-group is usually a secondary objective. Feeling good to the "progressive" involves feeling superior to somebody -- and usually expanding government or societal power over somebody.

ALL human life being sacred, special, worthy of protection, etc was the old moral compass setting. The "progressive" setting is that those in power (The Party!) selects which lives matter, and are "sacred" in their profane sense. Criminal lives matter, but the most innocent of lives do not, nor do those of those who take up the task of being on the police force. Muslim lives matter -- but US soldiers lives do not. Illegal immigrant lives matter, but people shot and killed by them do not. In general, like all pagan morality, the pagan/progressive moral compass points the opposite way from the old Christian moral compass.

When the vast bulk of the population has no moral compass but the one that is presented to them through The Party and it's media / education / entertainment arms, they must wait to be told what to think about everything, as well as being told what is of importance to them and what is not.

That is most certainly where we are at.

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