Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gay Black Racist Hate Crime?

A 23-page document Flanagan faxed to ABC at 8:26 a.m. cited racial discrimination, sexual harassment (Flanagan was gay, the document says) and the Charleston church massacre as motivation for Wednesday's attack.
I happened to be driving a lot yesterday -- to IA and back. I found out that the shooter was black in the PM, found out that he was gay when I started reading about it at home. It was treated as a side issue -- which is how it ought to be treated, even if the crazy killer is white killing blacks and has a confederate flag at home! It's the killing that matters! Black killing black, white killing white, babies being killed in the womb -- it is all killing and ALL LIVES MATTER!

The bottom line of this post is very simple -- "hate crimes" should be abolished, and killers ought to be treated as KILLERS especially when they are obviously CRAZY. Unless we have an active terrorist organization(s) killing Americans (eg ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, etc) ... people yelling "Allah Akbar" we really don't need to read all the rambling "manifestos".

Naturally, in this bass-ackwards world we live in, we know that we are NOT going to hear much about what "killers for Islam" write, say, etc because "The Party" finds any negatives about Islam to be nearly as secret as Hillary's e-mails.

So this guy was gay and black and killed white people on air. He had a long history of being really angry with white folks -- they cleared the office when he was fired two years ago, and had police hang around for awhile after. His long winded suicide note even mentions Dylann Roof, the Charleston church shootings and "race war". It sure seems like what we are told is a "hate crime" when whites or straights act against blacks or gays due to their blackness or gayness.

 It will be an interesting test -- can a gay black man commit a "hate crime"? If this doesn't make the cut, it seems that we have the definitive answer to that one! NO!

Hopefully our collective memory hole isn't so well greased that we can't remember what happened nationally after a white racist crazy killed blacks in a church in Charleston. If you need a refresher on how you are supposed to think, here it is.

We KNOW what we are told to think if the shooter is white, christian (as in abortion clinic shooters), has a Confederate flag somewhere, etc ... the crazy is not a factor. The race, the beliefs, the symbols, etc are THE PROBLEM. The message from the media is very clear "whites, christians, "right wingers", etc are HATERS ... and THAT is why the horrible crime happened.

When the obvious crazy Dylann Roof shot the people in the church, the fact we was nuts was secondary (hardly mentioned) -- CONFEDERATE FLAGS and racism were immediately the issue, with not subtle at all attempts to connect confederate flags with republicans. You know, the folks that fought on the wrong side in the Civil War and ran Jim Crow for 100 years!

Flanagan  happened to be a big BO supporter, reprimanded for wearing a BO button on air while doing election reporting:
He was also censured for wearing an Obama sticker while recording a segment at a polling booth during the 2012 US Presidential Election - a clear breach of journalistic impartiality.
I'm thinking we might not hear much about that. If we were looking at a white racist reporter that had lost his job due to affirmative action (in his mind) and had been reprimanded for having a W button, do we suspect we would hear about it?

My prediction is that this killing will simply go away within days -- exactly as the Charleston killing ought to have.  Both are tragic -- the families, friends, co-workers of each grieve, attempt to find meaning in the deaths and remember the victims.

But we do not honor the victims by falsely tying the actions of of a crazed person to some cause, race or symbol that the shooter happened to have! In these two cases -- Virginia and Charleston, the killer was obviously disturbed and THAT WAS THE CAUSE OF THE KILLING! To do otherwise continues the descent of the nation into the state where everything is politis. Events only have meaning in political context, and the population is wired like Pavlovian mutts to unthinkingly respond as their party and media puppet masters dictate.

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