Thursday, August 20, 2015

Iran Will Self "Verify"

AP Exclusive: UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site - The Washington Post:

This has been reported in the right wing press for weeks -- since WaPo is now confirming, I'll take it as fact. Again, those damned Republicans are up on arms and don't seem to trust the "Death the America, Death to Israel" chanting Mullahs -- go figure.

I've heard a few hard lefties say "Since Israel has nukes, how can we expect Iran to not have them?"

That is commonly known as the defeatist position ... "Since we are all going to just die anyway, why not just commit suicide now and get it over with?".  It is an argument of the form "Since X is inevitable, why bother". It used to be the gospel of the left on the USSR; "The USSR is always going to be around, isn't all that bad anyway, and there is nothing to do about it -- so quit competing, quit having a military, quit talking about them, etc".

It is often the "mature intelligent position" of the left on a whole set of topics that include  Israel continuing to exist, the US having a role in the mideast, (or any global role these days), etc. It is NEVER raised on such questions as the attainability of "income equality", "universal healthcare" or "gun control". Consistency remains a convenient non-issue for the left.

Much of human life is a struggle against the "inevitable" -- to be a Christian is to believe that even death for the soul is not in fact "inevitable", but that a better life will exist on an eternal plane. So too, poverty, despair, moral decrepitude, ignorance and a host of other natural and "inevitable" human conditions are considered worthy of hard work, dedication, individual effort, struggle, etc for those of the Christian and often "conservative" thought process.

While the left may make claims that they too seek to erase at least say "poverty and ignorance", a not very close perusal of their rhetoric will show they expect that "someone else" -- the "rich", "the 1%", "the greedy"; will do all the actual work and funding of their supposed "goals", and that what they call "education" will primarily be "indoctrination" to assure that all agree with the leftward view.

The core belief of leftward thought is that ultimately all will be forced to agree with all the tenets of leftward ideology!

... or they will be dead, very possibly due to Iranian nukes in the case of Israel. Iran will be very willing to "verify" that they don't have any right up until the mushroom shows up over Israel.

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