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ISIS, Slavery, TP

Kayla Mueller: Why US hostage raped by ISIS leader refused to escape -
Since ISIS announced its revival of institutional slavery a year ago, the group has systematically enslaved and raped thousands of women from the minority Yazidi community, according to New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi.
TP (The Party (D)) was the party of slavery in the US for nearly 100 years. It was then the party of Jim Crow (Apartheid) for another hundred. It is now the party supporting (even cheering) the murder of 50 million + babies in their mother's womb.  I'm a Christian, so I believe with repentance -- with the help of God, but I also know that long held positions, principles and tendencies  take A LOT to change.

My belief is that the primary "moral" of TP -- to the extent that they discuss "morals", is that might is right. They don't much believe in a higher power or "transcendence". They believe in their own internal "moral compass", such as it is looks a lot like "situational ethics" -- works best for me is moral. So the rank and file believes in primarily taking by force the income and wealth of those that have more and giving it to those that are most willing to vote for TP.

For a very long time, America was an exceptional nation because government was limited, and the vast majority of people were treated equally by that limited government. The primary advantage of the system was it engendered a work ethic that allowed a large number of people to better their station because neither the government nor the envious people around them were granted access to the fruits of their labor.

Americans agreed on that ''One Nation, Under God, with liberty and Justice for all". TP had to be defeated by Abraham Lincoln win that "one nation" part --  one for thee and one for TP (with their slaves) would have been their choice. We know where they stand on the "God part". Their views of "liberty and justice for all" certainly didn't included blacks for 200 years, the unborn, or even Christians, but the most deadly portion to economic improvement is that they now take from the economically successful to give to whomever they see as their best voters, thus killing the work ethic that produced the wealth of the greatest nation.

Today, the TP Pledge of Allegiance is ... "I pledge allegiance to the Flag, and to The Party, One Party, Supreme, With the total support and allegiance of all" -- when they get it locked in, it will return to school and MANY other venues, and will be MANDATORY under threat of "re-education:, or death if that fails.

Subjugation of women might seem like something TP would be against, but that as well is "it depends". Bill Clinton subjugated all the women he wanted, Bernie Sanders had some odd ideas about how attracted women were to rape (he may or may not have changed his mind, the point is that TP could care less). They care less about what is happening to women in Muslim nations -- in fact, they don't care about what happens to Muslim women in the US. Muslim's are not Christians, which for TP shows they are OK.

We know the rhetoric of TP -- we hear it repeated like a mantra on a daily basis, but what is more important -- their actions or their words? Do they REALLY care about slavery when it is now a reality in a country that BO abandoned, although he both takes credit for ending the war AND says that pulling the troops out "was not his decision".  I see no evidence in the TP media that there is the remotest bit of "moral concern" for anything that ISIS does anywhere. Why would they care? It doesn't directly fit any story line that TP finds beneficial to it's cause right now -- and their supreme leader BO even called ISIS "the JV team" not that long ago.

What do their actions say? Are they REALLY concerned about slavery, or is is slavery just one more condition that can be used as they see fit, in a similar way as a handful of unarmed blacks shot by police (nearly all in the process of attacking an officer) can be used as a wedge, while thousands of young blacks shot by other young blacks are not even worthy of mention? I don't think the reintroduction of slavery into Iraq and other ISIS lands bothers them at all,. Political power here in the US is what they care about.

People can march in the street and disrupt all sorts of events saying "Black lives matter", while Planned Parenthood people can calmly discuss selling the body parts of babies over salad and wine with no concern (even applause!) from TP. Power is the calculus, not "morality".

Some lives matter, others do not -- the issue is what TP says matters. The rights of women, slavery, life itself -- it is all to be under the power of TP and the subjects are to think and feel about it precisely as they are told by TP -- no more, no less.

The vast bulk of Americans are fine with that -- send us our checks and tell us what to think.

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