Monday, August 31, 2015

No Lives Matter, One Nation Under TP

Man accused of gunning down Texas deputy faces judge:

There are a lot of quotes about the moral measure of a society being how it treats it's "weakest, most vulnerable, poorest, etc". I think this one from Bonhoeffer, the Lutheran pastor who stood against the Nazi's and was executed by them:  "The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We have killed over 50 million babies in their mothers wombs, and publicly fund the harvest and sale of those innocent lives. The US socialist party ("The Party" (D) ) has the same "morality" as the socialists that Bonhoeffer fought against -- POWER!

As the linked article shows, we have our executions as well. If you look hard, you can see that the name of the man who killed the officer in Texas execution style -- Shawn J Miles. He is is a black man -- and the evidence is that the murder is related to "Black Lives Matter". Strangely, that is close to a state secret.

So we have white news people killed by a gay black man, and an officer in Houston executed by a black man -- shot in the back while filling his patrol car at a gas station in less than a week. What are the headlines? BO renames a big rock -- overturning a 100 year old act of Congress that he has no Constitutional authority to do. Do you need the difference between POWER and law spelled out. BO has no respect for law.

We have undergone a full year of "Black Lives Matter" protests and disruptions. This past Saturday up at the MN State Fair, they held a protest -- a day after Goforth's execution, in which they chanted "Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!". Most of the MN papers covered that protest as "peaceful".

Every case of a black being killed by a police officer in the nation has been a multi-day national news saturation with "racism, prejudice, excessive use of police force, etc" ... or MONTHS in the case of Ferguson MO.  Each case is endlessly linked to a narrative that all this is due to the national crime of racism -- even though nearly all of the cases turn out to be completely justifiable use of force by the officer. Michael Brown becomes a well known name, a martyr, with smiling pictures looking nothing like the thug that stole cigars from a convenience store and shoved the clerk as if they were a ragdoll minutes before officer Darren Wilson was forced to defend his own life lest he become another dead officer statistic.

Would you like to place any bets on how well known the name Darren Goforth becomes? How many pictures we see of him with is wife and family? Do you really think that his life matters to the powers of TP?

We saw two officers ambushed and executed in NYC last December. Our government and the media did their best to ignore those as much as possible -- Al Sharpton, he of many WH visits and $5 Million in unpaid back taxes, took part in a rally where "What do we want? DEAD COPS!" was chanted. There was a little outcry from police officers -- really none nationally.

We are "One nation under TP" -- TP says what matters and what doesn't. The only "morality" is what TP says it is -- "Climate Change", THAT is a "moral issue" to TP, as BO again takes unconstitutional action to change the name of a big rock. We really need to study Neanderthals and Cro Magnon grunts more -- if the first folks that name something have dibs, pretty much every area and land feature must have originally been named "Grunt", "Groan", "Squeal" and such ... At our current rate of regression due to "progressives", such forms of communication may be high culture in just a few years!

"Climate Change" is a "moral issue" because the only "morality" of TP is POWER! Absolutely all of the actions of TP are ONLY ABOUT POWER! If you open your eyes and look honestly at TP, you realize that every last policy, program or slogan is about advancing the power of TP by all means legal and otherwise.

 Babies in the womb are organs to be harvested. Young black men that kill each other at the rate of 6K a year due to the policies of TP matter not at all -- they aren't news and nobody cares. Unarmed servicemen gunned down by Islamists in our own nation is a short and quickly forgotten story, young women murdered on the streets of or "Sanctuary Cities" in cold blood by felon illegals, and police officers executed matter not at all. They are "collateral damage" in TP's rise to total power.

No lives matter -- only the rise of TP to total power matters. You are living through it and have eyes. Do you see?

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