Thursday, August 27, 2015

Murder vs Mechanism, Real Gun Data

We won't get much a gun control lecture with the Virginia shooting because TP and the MSM will just want to forget about it -- the shooter was gay and black. Doesn't fit the approved narrative -- nothing to see here folks, move along.Bill Whittle is a very smart guy -- even got to see him speak in Rochester once. Soft spoken but extremely clear and concise. Worth your time to watch it.

Summary ...

The US is #1 in gun ownership (by A LOT), but #111 in murder rate per 100K. Take out the big Democrat mostly gun  controlled cities -- Detroit, DC, NYC, Chicago, Memphis, St Louis, Baltimore, etc, and we would  be more like 200th.

What he avoids -- because he is a reasonable guy and he might run for office, is that murder is cultural. The highest murder rates are all non-western, Latin, Muslim, etc --- and if you look at our highest murder rate cities, "ditto". White Americans can't comment on culture -- ours has been defined as evil and racist. In the real world, culture does matter, and some work better than others.

Increased violence is just one more aspect of the destruction of American Christian culture -- it isn't racial. If we continue to destroy our culture, our murder rate will go up ... even if the guns are taken, our murder rate will climb ... maybe to something like the Cayman Islands under British rule at #3 63.

Killing is from the human heart, guns are just a mechanism. The left is bent on control -- guns are just one more aspect of that drive for absolute power, with the typical ruse that "they care".  They care about CONTROL -- you are just as dead no matter how you are murdered and they could care less, just as they care less about the 6,000 young black men murdered in the US most years, most in cities with strict gun control.

When you live in a nation that has sacrificed 60 million babies in their mothers wombs on the altar of convenience, you know that you live in a nation that doesn't respect life. When a nation doesn't respect life, the murder rate goes up -- none of the 60 million babies were shot, however they are still dead.

We have always had a lot of guns -- when I was in HS in the 70's we took our guns to school to be blued, to go hunting after, etc -- no gun problem. Something changed -- it wasn't guns, it was culture.

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