Tuesday, August 25, 2015

People Who Disagree With Me Are Crazy -- Temperate Rhetoric

Obama: Look How Crazy the Republicans Are! | Power Line:

Well, at least when it comes from our supreme odiferate leader it is temperate and diplomatic rhetoric! Anyone calling BO out as "crazy" is labeled as a racist, bomb thrower, intemperate completely rancid cad! But as we know, things like "bi-partisanship, propriety, statesmanship, courtesy, etc" depend ENTIRELY on which side is doing the talking in our current time.

The article is well written and points out the obvious -- our extreme leader has not a whit of mooring in anything factual, but this is so well established to the sentient that it really doesn't bear repeating.

The sad part is that in order to be a democracy, people have to be informed on issues -- some political hack calling the other side "crazy" provides not a whit of actual information, and the fact that the MSM lets it spew from BO without comment just shows how in the tank our general media really is!

Democracy depends on an independent press -- and we absolutely don't have it!

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