Tuesday, August 04, 2015

PJ, Democrats Hate You (Individually)

They Hate Your Guts | The Weekly Standard:

PJ O'Rourke has a great name and a wit to match. The whole thing is pretty funny, but like much of PJ's stuff it is not only funny, but makes a very serious point.

Politics is about POWER, not about people -- people are a MEANS to the politicians goal of power.

Democrats are very good at politics. Republicans -- with the now deceased exception of Ronald Reagan, SUCK at politics! So they are a better choice for office -- they hate you less!

I thought this little section was especially pungent -- but just a teaser, the whole thing is worth the time.
Democrats are particularly infatuated with the demographic group of voters who are poor. Democrats provide many social programs for the poor. If you happen to be poor, you know what these social programs do. They pay you to stay poor. 
Democrats favor a higher minimum wage. And they’ll make sure you get a minimum wage. Forever. 
Democrats want to give you health care that’s free—and worth it.
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