Monday, August 03, 2015

Samaritan Shooter "Tired of Waiting Around"

Jesus Deniz Mendoza, 18, accused of killing Montana Good Samaritans - CBS News:

Two people that stopped to help a person along the road in Montana are dead -- the 3rd, their daughter age 26 is in the hospital. The shooter was "tired of waiting around".
"Deniz told the interviewing agents that he shot the victims because he was getting tired of waiting around, and because the daughter had laughed at him," the statement said.
One can't find out from the news if the shooter was an Undocumented Democrat (formerly Illegal Alien), but from the name it seems unlikely he is a "White Hispanic" like George Zimmerman.

One of the articles I read said that the youngest sibling of the still living victim is in High School -- but it is hard to find any of that information. No need to show a lot of flattering pictures of the victims, how much of a loss they are, etc in this case!

Anybody else tired of "waiting around" and being played like fools by the media? When the murder fits the "approved narrative", we get all sorts of pictures of sobbing relatives, outraged community members and high ranking administration officials somberly telling us how we MUST think about it!

When it doesn't fit the narrative ... small little stories, side of the page, nothing to glorify the victims, nothing to demonize the shooter -- in fact, it can be hard to find out ANYTHING about the shooter.

In the age of the internet we can "go hunting" to find out a few things ... apparently the shooter's page was linked to "Brown Pride". Is that bad? I really have no idea -- nor do I much care, but anyone with a brain needs to be fully aware that the media has 90%+ of the nation dancing like marionettes! Does it matter if the shooter might have had a Confederate Flag, or even had links to some "White Pride" site.  We are TOLD that it matters, but it doesn't.

When it DOES matter is if the shooter has links to a group that is world-wide in nature and explicitly wants to kill Christians, White People, Non-Muslims, Americans, etc .... Islam, Al Qaeda, Hamas, ISIS, Al Shabab, etc, etc

But we are told that all the Islamic groups DON'T matter ... just like all the black and brown groups. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). If the reverse is racist to even say ... "NAAWP", then you don't live in the country that was founded as America. We need a National Association for the Advancement of AMERICAN People", but it is impossible. Our president doesn't much like THAT idea of "America" -- liberty and justice for ALL, equal treatment for ALL -- even the "rich", limited government and all that jazz. We can't advance "America" because there isn't any agreement on what that is. Apparently, to the media, it is "making the wealthy whites, police, red states, etc PAY ... with money, lives, crime, etc, while advancing blacks, illegals, hispanics, muslims, etc.

We are told what to think -- and in "polite company" it is very wrong to even bring up news that is not "appropriate" ... like the policeman gunned down in Memphis by a black man for interrupting a drug deal.

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