Saturday, August 01, 2015

Spot The Station, Lake Shed

Link To Spot the Station

The last two nights have been our first in the new Lake Shed. It isn't home yet ... kind of camping out. No hot water yet, installing appliances -- but it it has a working bathroom, a small fridge, and a bed -- so it is working toward being home.

One thing it does have is a pretty unobstructed view to the west and less light pollution than Rochester. The last couple nights I've enjoyed the "Blue Moon" (well, OFFICIALLY only last night ... but close to full is still impressive).

I get e-mails from this site when the International Space Station (ISS) passes over, and the last couple of nights it has been blazingly bright and easy to spot! Just look off toward the SW and keep a quadrant scan for the brightest star that you can see in the S-W quadrant. It is bright, and it is obviously moving, so it is very easy to see.

I always sit and try to imagine the normally 6 people there riding 250 miles above the earth travelling at 17,000 MPH  ... 17 THOUSAND MPH! They have a different perspective from those on earth.

Is the ISS a monument to the end of the US? Our shuttle was the main vehicle that took it all up there, but today we hitch rides with the Russians so our people can get there for missions.

It is worth at least watching the bright spot move across the sky and reflecting on the final frontier ... and the nation that once led there and so many other places!

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