Monday, August 03, 2015

The Difference Between A Democrat and a Socialist

Debbie Doubles Down (on Socialism) | Power Line:

You can go off to the link and see that the head of the Democrat party just isn't going to answer this question! She is as busy as the MSM making the claim that Donald Trump is what Republicans really are. In fact, Trump is more like what Democrats used to be. He is socially liberal, loves the limelight, and would like Oprah Winfrey for his running mate. He is pretty much exactly like a lot of Democrats -- a LOONY that just wants people to notice him!

A Socialist is really an honest Democrat.

Give all power and wealth to the State and let them hand it out as political favors. Promise the poor the moon, kill the golden goose of the producing class, and spread the rotting corpse on the poor and call it good! Leaves a stench, but all the Socialists / Democrats really want is the power -- they are going to blame others for the disaster anyway, just like they always do. Being a Socialist/Democrat means somebody else is always at fault!

Welcome to Greece -- it doesn't take long to run out of other people's money when you are the size of the US. A tick, leech, or other parasite like Greece can survive a long time on a host (like the EU), because even blown up to grossly big, it is still relatively small.

A Socialist US would be like a parasite the size of a blue whale! Pull that off with a tweezers!

It really does seem to be getting more insane and a faster rate now.

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