Saturday, August 22, 2015

Trump, Rome, Exceptionalism

Are Republicans For Freedom or White Identity Politics?:
What we are hearing now from the Trump-supporting right is akin to the Roman people’s call for the dissolution of the Senate: the demand to install a strong horse, the outsider who will fix all things, the powerful man who promises he will, at long last, get things done for the people.
I don't think this article really makes a cogent case for the "White Identity Politics" theme it claims, but it does make some points, and it led me to think of some others.

First, the quote above. The country has been sliding socialist since the 30's with predictable and gathering crisis all around. Generally rising debt, crime, destruction of the family, weaker and weaker general business and employment climate, corruption, loss of trust, and general "malaise". Carter called it out in the late '70s ... Reagan gave us a heavy dose of positive energy, but that had fizzled by the late '90s. The only thing that prevents there from being "malaise" discussion right now is the fact that the BO admin has cooked the economic numbers, and the MSM is certainly not going to point out what a disastrous president he has been and is ...

But, many people still know what is happening -- and a bunch more "feel it". They may not have a lot of education, they may know what the MSM tells them they are SUPPOSED to think, but they are fed up! Reagan  got that vote in '80, and that "mad as hell and not going to take it any more" emotion is one of the things driving the Tump support. Reagan was certainly a "Strong Horse" -- Trump is acting like one at this point, who knows what is really in his heart and soul?

The other big thing that Trump says that Reagan said also "Make America Great Again"! Even though the MSM fights like hell for "The Party" to win, they forget that a whole lot of people are still AMERICANS first and they WANT THEIR TEAM TO BE #1 !!

This isn't all that hard -- Packer fans want the Packers to be "NUMBER ONE" -- not "as good a team as any, maybe similar to say "Cleveland, or Atlanta" (like BO saying America was exceptional like Britain or Greece). All humans have a yearning for themselves, their families, their companies, their countries to be truly exceptional -- "the greatest". Even BO has that yearning for his tribe, the Luo -- he very much wants "his people" to be exceptional. He can help accomplish that by taking America (and Western Powers) down a peg to achieve his "Dreams From My Father".

Reagan spoke to that yearning for greatness in Americans -- in his case, I HONESTLY, with a worthy vision and the capability to make it happen. Trump speaks to that same yearning -- but I believe in his case falsely, cynically, because he knows that is what a set of people will react to. But the yearning is so strong and only Trump seems to have tapped into it -- so it gives him an edge.

The media is driven to play with fire on Trump. They love him throwing bombs all over in Republican primaries and alienating especially Hispanic voters from any chance of voting Republican. They also love the idea of Trump running as a 3rd party and making it possible to even elect someone like Bernie Sanders. They see Trump as a way to destroy the Republican party which they so much hate.

It is a story as old as man -- the weapon that we pick up to destroy the hated other often destroys US! Will the media (and all the rest of us) be Trumped?

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