Thursday, August 13, 2015

WaPo Bit Chilly On Hilly Server

This e-mail story just keeps getting worse for Hillary Clinton - The Washington Post:

It is somewhat entertaining to watch the MSM Clinton shills do the weasel waltz and a bit of apparent hand wringing about the prospects that their "sure thing" will not be able to ooze her way to the White House, even with all their groveling, averting their eyes, and direct assistance.

"The Clinton Way" is followed so closely it is like a scripted Mob operation from the Godfather. In March there is the confident declaration of the crime as a non-crime "I used a private server, BUT ... there is nothing wrong with that (the BIG lie) ... besides, nothing classified, nothing of interest, etc ... and I wiped it anyway, so nothing to see here folks, all over, move along ... not taking any questions".

To anyone not of The Party or their thrall, who has seen Special Prosecutors all over the supposed "outing" of a CIA agent that drove to her office at Langley every day, as well as CBS News Anchors lose their positions over forged documents attempting to show how supposedly bad a fighter pilot a president running for his SECOND term was 30 years ago, the surrealism borders on a brain hemorrhage!

H E L L O !!!!! She releases forty e-mails out of 31,000 and **FOUR** turn out to be Top freaking Secret????!!!! ... that is 10% of of a sample of less than a thousandth of the total! (this is a FELONY BTW !! ... Felons don't get to be President!!!)

If H was an R, there would be two and only two non-exclusive possibilities:

1). She is completely corrupt and lies compulsively
2). She is incompetent beyond belief

In either case, if she was an R, she would be prosecuted and convicted as a FELON ... case closed. There aren't any excuses if you are an R ... corrupt, incompetent, liar ... who cares. Felon, have them eat off a tin tray!

To those of us that live in the real world, how DOES someone with an unlimited budget, connections beyond connections in computing, security, government, etc.  claim "there was nothing secret on that server", then release a set of 40 e-mails that include 4 with top secret information? Does she not know? Does she not take the time to have some poor staffie look them over? Does she not care because she is completely certain that she is above the law and above scrutiny? Is this all just "beneath her"?

My guess is "all of the above". She is surrounded by toadies and sycophants, she was never that bright to begin with ,  has been phoning it in for a long time,  and she has done so much illegal stuff and assisted her lip curling hubby with same, that she is 100% confident that no matter what, she will be fine.

Sadly, she is probably right. Trump is likely to run as a 3rd party, take 20% off the Rs, and she will win big. This WaPo story is just a lament ... their girl had to do what she said she would not do (give up the server), and they have some worries that the level of corruption, incompetence and disdain for the country and it's voters will be too much for them to even hide.

But it won't be. They are TP shills to the end, as is the whole justice department, NSA, FBI, etc. I have a strong belief that there really aren't any R's in office that TP doesn't control (have the dirt on). The recent Hastert indictment ought to be enough to put the bone chilling fear into the Boehners, McConnells and their lieutenants. A past speaker -- out of office since 2007, seen as worthy of a takedown because he chose to pay "hush money" for a long ago sin ...

Yet Al Sharpton regularly visits the WH with $5 MILLION in known unpaid taxes and a list of scandal a mile long -- drugs, extortion, sex. What makes people obedient is CONTRAST -- TP has the power to let the Clintons, Obamas, Sharptons, etc live above the law -- but the Cosbys, Hasterts, etc go down in shame. It is the type of lesson of which a Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler would heartily approve!

TP controls the whole vast government apparatus, and the past few years there have been some hints at just how vast it is. Go back enough years in the lives of especially the powerful, and "there has gotta be something" -- even if not, how hard do you think it would be for the NSA to put some texts, pictures, or something on your phone that would be horribly incriminating? Hint ... child's play, indeed there are probably a few students at the local high school that could pull it off.

So don't worry for Hilly and TP ... the fix is in. Acting a bit worried -- like the linked column, is most likely just a part of the Kabuki Dance.

Having top secret documents on a personal server is a FELONY ... but never mind. Old news, move along, say hello to Queen Hildebeast!

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