Tuesday, September 08, 2015

40 Year Lowest Winds in US

US clean energy suffers from lack of wind - FT.com:

In my frequent travels to Iowa this year I have observed a lot of big wind turbines not turning. It appears that my observations might be accurate.

You need to follow the link above to read it ... they have a copyright prohibiting cut and paste. 

The bottom line ... least wind in 40 years, energy from wind dropped 6% in first six months of 2015 even though the number of generators grew 9%. 

Apparently some of the vaunted Global Warming models predict less wind -- which would also indicate LESS severe weather events. Since we know that all climate factors are "settled", it seems odd that we hear that warming will create MORE serve weather, and our fearless leader BO ... and a lot of others, claim we ought stake our energy future on wind. 

Naturally, my faith that BO and the "experts" have this all worked out with perfect science is unbounded! 

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