Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders', The Morality of Marx and Robbing Hood

Bernie Sanders' Morality is a Threat to the Status Quo | Candy Leonard:

Humans have a built in desire to believe they are "moral". Christians accept that we are NOT actually moral creatures, but when we are prideful, we like to claim it. So some Christians really do make false claims of greater morality -- Christians remain human. Christians DO commonly point out what GOD says are immoral acts -- the gay lifestyle is one example, but adultery and fornication are as well -- as is stealing, lying, gossiping, FAILING to do all the good you can, etc, etc -- It is ALL sin, and therefore worthy of eternal damnation if not paid for by the blood of Christ.

"Liberals" on the other hand "have no god but government" and they are often on the high side of sanctimony as they preach their home brew "morals". This article is feeling especially moralistic and judgemental from the left POV!
Sanders has brought morality to the national discourse, and would be elevating the discourse even further if he and his ideas were given more media coverage. What if the American people really understood Democratic Socialism? But the media, licensed to serve the public interest but responsible only to major shareholders, is threatened by Sanders' integrity and by his compassionate, do-able agenda. Sanders' morality (like the Pope's) makes the protectors of the status quo uncomfortable. 
Sanders' compassion is reflected in what he talks about most often--the imperative to address income and wealth inequality, and other policies that would reduce hardships on working people. A $15 minimum wage, affordable college, student loan interest reduction, paid medical and family leave, quality childcare, and single payer health care, would improve the quality of life for millions of Americans. These concerns, and his call for action on climate change are shared by the majority of Americans. These are not radical ideas.
In the lefty universe, one compares Sanders to the Pope with a straight face.  The Pope who stands for a male only priesthood, declares homosexuality a sin, does not support abortion nor even contraception -- BUT, he has made a few comments about income inequality and climate change, so maybe maybe that is enough to put him in that lofty  "moral plane" of Sanders?

Let's dissect the Bernie "morality" a bit. First, this is nothing new -- think Marx and Robin Hood (really Robbing Hood!). TAKE from those that earn and use it to buy the votes of those that don't -- at least until you have full control, then there is no need to do any vote buying. Let them all stand in line all day seeing if they can buy some bread or toilet paper while you drive around in your limo. Perhaps you can get them to all chant "Viva Bernie" as you cruise by -- they had to be damned gullible in the first place to fall for the same old socialist lie  yet again!

Judging from the number of liquor stores, pawn shops and weed stores in Denver, I'd have to say that the old USSR model has been updated a bit -- in the USSR they kept them drunk on vodka, now (at least in Denver) they can be drunk AND stoned (progress!).  Perhaps the stoned part explains this piece on Sanders? I suspect the pawn shops are a short term thing based on the winding down of the old capitalist system -- people still have some left over stuff from the old days when America was a growing and thriving economy. For awhile yet, there is a market to trade it in for weed and public transit tickets to a Bernie rally.

For all this "morality", somehow Bernie has a net worth of about $350K, while Scott Walker has a negative net worth. Bernie's campaign has something like $16M. I guess he is a lot poorer than the Clintons, so in the mushy drug addled brain of the left, that's a good thing! A whole lot of people that think Bernie is a god have a net worth a lot more like Walker's than like Bernie's!

**Note, I'm not against a decent or high net worth for Bernie, Clinton or Mitt Romney -- I only point out that hypocrisy is a term that needs to be applied when you are a candidate who claims having a net worth above that of a homeless person is somehow "wrong".

But then nobody ever said that consistency, thought, or even having their eyes open enough to see what is right in front of them was very common on the left. Their leaders know what they want -- POWER, their followers believe that they are going to get lots of FREE STUFF! Once you lose the rule of law to stop it, socialism is just like water -- it always takes your economy to the lowest level possible.

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