Friday, September 11, 2015

BO, Force With Nothing To Back It Up

On Labor Day, BO declared that he would do one of his favorite things -- FORCE contractors to abide by whatever he decrees to be the right sick leave action.

He pointed out how things like letting businessmen and competition operate have been "wrecking the economy for a long time". Obviously, what you need is a supposed Constitutional scholar (who at least doesn't act like he has ever read the Constitution), who has never run so much as a lemonade stand for business experience, make a bunch of decrees about how business OUGHT to work!
"You just wait, you look up at the sky and prosperity will come raining down on us from the top of whatever high-rise in New York City," he said sarcastically. "But that's not how the economy works." He added that the GOP's mindset has been "wrecking the economy for a long, long time."
Certainly one can't allow business owners risking long hours of labor as well as their own assets and the assets of investors in a market economy to make decisions! We need FORCE!

No doubt it won't be very long until we hear BO making claims that "business needs to hire more, invest more, etc" -- and if he had his way, he would FORCE them to do so.

On this 9-11, we can see that BO isn't much about force when it comes to actual enemies of America -- but he is ALL about it when it comes to the backbone of what provides the goods, services, wealth and jobs that used to allow our country to be great. With Iran, we have to surrender -- because that is all we can do! No force there! Syria, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan -- we even had Chinese ships cruising off Alaska last week.

What needs to be bent to the will of BO is that recalcitrant American Business -- "They didn't build that", and BO is totally certain that he has brilliant "better ways" to grow the economy -- only the economy has at best sputtered in the over 6 years of his oh so proud rule.

It is obvious this decree has as much thought as the rest of his holy pronouncements:
But the White House wouldn't specify the cost to federal contractors to implement the executive order. The Labor Department said any costs would be offset by savings that contractors would see as a result of lower attrition rates and increased worker loyalty, but produced nothing to back that up.
That is really essence of BO... "nothing to back it up".

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