Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Broken Windows, White House Renamed To Trump Palace

Obama will rename the highest U.S. peak, dropping McKinley for Denali - The Washington Post:

Our current "elite media" have less foresight than a 7 year old after two Dews and a bag of candy.

This nation elected BO ... MN elected Jessie Ventura ... one really doesn't need to look at the polls very long, let alone watch the trash that just falls out of something like the "VMAs" on Miley Cyrus to realize that at this level of decadence and idiocy in a nation, ANYTHING (bad) is possible!  But our capacity for good has sunk to pretty much zilch! We could EASILY be "Trumped"!

Tyranny doesn't happen overnight -- the important thing is to get "executive orders" to be common, for the great and the small. Win a few big ones like immigration, EPA regulations, then "break a few windows" like ordering McKinley renamed.

The key is to establish lawlessness rather than rule of law as the norm -- BO has done a masterful job of this! A Tyrant to be feared!

So the precedent has been set that whoever is sitting in the WH can just rename any old thing they want by executive order. It is supposed to be OK because ... oh, the Alaskans want it, there have been a lot of attempts, the Ohio delegation is obstructionist about it ... you know. Nobody cares!

Trump loves to name stuff after himself. Why the hell not?

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