Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Get Informed, Or Don't Vote!

Thomas Sowell: Misinformed Electorate, Not Trump, Is Real Danger - Investors.com:

Read the whole column, very short and you will be VERY much rewarded for your time! A sample.

Despite many people who urge us all to vote, as a civic duty, the purpose of elections is not participation. The purpose is to select individuals for offices, including president of the United States. Whoever has that office has our lives, the lives of our loved ones and the fate of the entire nation in his or her hands.
Do you want to have a medical diagnosis based on a vote that seeks to get the highest turnout possible, or would you rather select a medical practitioner based on training, certification and experience to arrive at the diagnosis.

Our founders purposely DID NOT create a Democracy, but rather a Republic in order to have rule by laws rather than men. They DEFINITELY were not interested AT ALL in seeing if they could round up the illiterate, the criminal, the non-citizen, etc to "get out the vote".

The population in this area of N America is insane. Sowell is wise -- the contrast is painful!

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