Tuesday, September 08, 2015

"I have to go take a Dukakis"

Uncle Joe: A Democrat Republicans Can Believe In - The Daily Beast:

It's PJ, it's entertainment, the "Road Trip Poll" is near the end and is MUST read, but it is all PJ and good. FOR HUMOR! PJ is close to all we have to keep all the abundant humor of the left wing from being wasted!

I need the laugh -- back from seeing Tula, so in withdrawal, blood work Thursday AM, yearly checkup next week -- nothing but shed bills, problems and winter on the horizon from this jaundiced Tuesday POV.

Here is another "Tuesday POV" that PJ would likely recommend -- not that I will be following anything like this song, but my brain does have a tendency to call up songs for streams of words with reckless abandon ...

On the "songs from the Moose brain jukebox", consider this one with "Tula Time" in the appropriate spots ... along with some riffs on "She's a little cutie, a very special lady / baby ..." where they sorta fit. She likes it pretty well -- even with a VERY bad singer butchering it.

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