Thursday, September 10, 2015

Let Me Threaten You ... I Got 1 Vote!

Nice to see BO come out and threaten to veto the budget that congress needs to pass -- after all, he sent up a budget and the Senate voted it down 98-1! When you are TP though, your media doesn't report that very much, and they CERTAINLY don't bring it up while you bray and bluster for the cameras,  crippled duck that you are.

I wonder if he is still taking advice on how to deal with congress from his liaison that put a round in the couch to impress her boyfriend? Sounds like her and BO were pretty much soulmates on how to get along with folks!

The article points out a few other inconvenient facts to go with his Odiousness ... LESS people were actually working in August than July even though 173K jobs were "created" -- even more people gave up because the economy stinks, and government policies relative to business and working stink oven worse!

It seems like about two decades since this stooge was elected -- I guess one way to make life longer is to elect the most noxious clown possible president!

Maybe I really DO need to give Trump a second look. Hell, maybe I CAN live forever -- or at least feel like it is forever!

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