Thursday, September 24, 2015

Not With My Kids

Brooklyn Public School Battle: Progressives Are Opposing Integration | National Review Online:

"Liberals" are quick to apply the hypocrite label to any Christian that fails to live up to the moral code of Christ -- one wonders why they think Christ died on the cross if people could just live up to Christian morals by self restraint? Hypocrite is a label that the MSM never applies to "liberals" -- they never signed up to have any morals, so how could they be hypocrites?

They did however create A LOT of POLICIES and LAWS, all often screaming loudly of "equality" and "fairness"!  ... and since government is the closest thing they have to a god, one might think that "all" might apply to "liberals" as well. But one would be wrong.

The linked article is a short read -- Brooklyn has wealthy and poor citizens living in close proximity, though certainly not "integrated". The city would like to integrate a school -- the fight is joined.

Liberal policies have real outcomes -- often outcomes that are detrimental to all, but especially to those upon which the supposed beneficial social experimentation takes place -- destroying marriage and freeing women to copulate more widely was deemed especially liberating. Apparently some collateral damage has been found ...
Though children in some multi-partner-fertility families thrive, Cherry has observed that multi-partner fertility is associated with high levels of father abandonment and child maltreatment. Boys with absent fathers are far more likely to engage in aggression, rule breaking, and delinquency than boys living with both parents, and they are also far more likely to face multiple suspensions.
Liberals often like the idea of their policies being forced upon others, but are loathe to see fruits of their policy darken their doors. 

NIMBY -- "Not In My Back Yard"
NWMK -- "Not With My Kids"? 
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