Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Old Ladies and Buses

School Bans Superhero Lunchboxes -- Why It Makes No Sense Morally | National Review Online:
It reminds me of William F. Buckley’s famous retort to those who claimed there was no moral distinction between the United States and the Soviet Union. If you have one man who pushes old ladies in front of oncoming buses, Buckley explained, and you have another man who pushes old ladies out of the way of oncoming buses, it simply will not do to describe them both as the sorts of men who push old ladies around. A country, and a civilization, that actively chooses to render such distinctions meaningless has lost the confidence to sustain itself.
This is an excellent column by Jonah. Both nations and people need to have some basic training in religion, mythology, philosophy, or at least superhero comics (morality),  to understand the difference between pushing the old lady in front of the bus or pushing her out of the way of the bus.

When the distinction is lost, that civilization has lost it's way. Unfortunately, we are that civilization.

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