Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Opossums and Bernie, Viva Venezuela !

Opossum germs 'kill 17 babies in Venezuela hospital' - BBC News:

Seventeen dead babies in hospitals due to contamination by an infestation of opossums is somewhat shocking even by the standards of "good government" that socialism engenders -- that is what you see if you follow the top link. Here is WaPO on how well socialism is going in Venezuela ... short answer beyond the opossums and dead babies, "not well" (it's a January article ... as the babies attest, it's worse now).
Things are so bad that there isn't a bank run — who wants to save their worthless currency? — but rather, as Jonathan Wheatley puts it, a supermarket run. People have lined up for days to try to buy whatever they can, which isn't much, from grocery stores that are even more empty than usual. The government has been forced to send the military into these supermarkets to maintain some semblance of order, before it came up with an innovative new strategy for shortening the lines kicking people out of them. Now they're rationing spots in line, based on the last digit of people's national ID cards.
While BO is threatening congress and crowing about his "accomplishments", lefties have taken a bit to chiding other Americans that "hey, at least you aren't refugees"!  This is true -- YET, although when civilizations collapse, it tends not to be an orderly thing at all. Today your masses are standing at the stations welcoming the lumpen other masses from the ever growing myriad of disasters around the globe -- tomorrow, you ARE the disaster!

Let's face it -- police being assassinated in the street, dead babies washing up on beaches in Turkey, Europe is struggling under the weight of something like 350K refugees with many more to come, Trump, Cecil -- there really isn't much time to cover all the crazy in the world. Even if we had not long ago lost all common sense and any semblance of rational priority.

Hey, we have a SOCIALIST in the lead in a number of polls HERE -- in what used to be AMERICA! Even WaPO can look at the results of socialism with a semi-rational eye when it is in Venezuela, but much like any of us seeing someone else die in a car accident,  cancer, Alzheimer's, etc, etc we miss any possible connection to our own situation.

This is America -- it can't happen here! ... let's not focus very much on "Why not"?

We used to call California "La La Land" -- now it's a worldwide phenomenon, only here in the US "The Party" has achieved such a level of media control that the GDP numbers get changed so we have no idea if the economy is shrinking or growing, and we only vaguely know that the percent of people actually working is now at 40 year lows, productivity is ALSO dropping, AND, we are the only "advanced economy" in which this is so ... the list of woe is endless.

There just isn't enough time to even LIST all the bad news, even if people had the attention span to read the list  -- which they don't.

Perhaps the only sort of thing to do is to talk about Trump, the Cecil Dentist, and congratulate each other on not being refugees -- YET!

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