Monday, September 21, 2015

The Question Nobody Answers

The Question Candidates Won't Answer | National Review Online:

Readers of this blog know that the US is brokest nation on earth financially and there is no plan that is even REMOTELY viable in either party to address it.

The most likely "solution" remains the standard solution of governments through all of history -- massive inflation, debauching the currency so that tens of TRILLIONS of real debt piled up with valuable dollars can be paid off with worthless paper. Maybe some of it with a picture of a woman on the front! A few 100 trillion with Susan B Anthony, Harriet Tubbs or some such fine fine lady on the front ought to make everyone feel better about seeing a million dollars buy a loaf of bread!

The article isn't really all that much help -- means testing would be a tiny start, but let's face it, nobody is even going to propose that until this pig piles into the mud a whole lot deeper than it is already.

Ah, the "Jimmuh Solution" ... always good to go back and see the wisdom of Billy Carter's dumber brother!

Hey, I'd like to be a millionaire! Wouldn't you ???

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