Thursday, September 10, 2015

Top Secret Russian Teardrop Memorial

Yes, there really is a 100' monument, a gift from Russia, that was dedicated on the New Jersey side of the harbor in 2006.

This article claims the reason it is unknown is "location", and that might be so, but I think back to '06 and wonder.

Katrina in '05 had  been hyped to be "The proof of W Bush incompetence" ... after all, his too slow reaction to Global Warming had basically CAUSED Katrina -- he hated black people, and the fact that the Democrat Governor of LA and mayor of NO were corrupt imbeciles had nothing to do with slow response.

Making W synonymous with Katrina was critical in '06, as was making the case that "Iraq was hopeless and lost". The left saw a superb opportunity to stick Republicans and America with an albatross like Vietnam all over again. Even though with Vietnam, it had suddenly transformed into "Nixon's War" -- after it was started by Kennedy and escalated by LBJ, but no matter. The Party is well aware that losing wars is BAD, so sticking W with losing Iraq on top of his "causing and being totally responsible for Katrina" (facts are never that important to TP, only perception.) were the talking points of '06.

You know, the essence of TP ... "Trust In Me" .... I often think that Kaa from the Jungle Book movie ought to be their spokesman!

A big memorial from an old enemy -- bringing back memories that the left firmly hates from Reagan to the whole idea of one of the worlds leading socialists powers falling into disarray, just wasn't the kind of thing that TP and it's media allies wanted to be seen. It could absolutely confuse the people -- and maybe give W "a good week" ... something that was simply not allowable in the face of THE BIG agenda of TP and the media, taking control of both houses of congress in the fall election.

So it is a big secret -- a giant monument in a highly populated area that nobody is aware of.

Maybe we really ARE being constantly visited by space aliens?

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