Friday, September 18, 2015

Trump Maligns Muslims With BO Libel

At Town Hall, Donald Trump Declines to Refute Voter Who Declares Obama a Muslim - Washington Wire - WSJ:

After years as a Birther, loads of misogyny along with making inane one-liners into a virtual Brand, "The Donald" went too far and the MSM is all over him! He libeled all Muslima by allowing the false charge that BO is a Muslim to stand! This is almost as bad as the "Hitler was a Jew" claim,

No race or group should have to carry the burden that BO is "one of them"!

Just listen to him for a minute or two -- he is FAR FAR FAR above ALL of humanity! BO is like the Cheese ... he stands alone! In the audacious odiferousness of his own mind.

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