Thursday, October 22, 2015

12 Time Loser Kills Black Officer

'Hardened, Violent Criminal' Who Allegedly Killed NYPD Officer With Shot to Head Should Never Have Been on Street: Mayor | NBC New York:

You probably have heard that a NY Policeman was shot and killed. The officer was black, as was the perpetrator. The perpetrator had also been in jail 12 times -- no "3 strikes" there. Even lefty Mayor De Blasio said "He should have never been on the street".

Say what? We are hell bent for election to release 6K multiple time loser convicted felons in short order and passing bills to release 10's of thousands more!

All because the black vote isn't energized enough for 2016 and there are some polls showing Trump getting 25% of the black vote. Polls at this point are all over, but you can bet that the D's are concerned about even the POTENTIAL for a 25% number -- it would be death for their candidate.

Thus, we will release violent offenders and likely lose more officers -- for TP, votes matter, lives don't!

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