Thursday, October 29, 2015

The King Can Spend

No Grand Bargain, but Deal Is Still a Victory for Obama - The New York Times:

It's great to be a Democrat, a member of "The Party" (TP) with the New York Times, NBC, ABC, Public Media, most of the newspapers, etc on your side. You can claim credit for "improving deficit numbers", sign on to "bargains" where you take no credit for the part that provided some MINIMAL control to runaway government spending, and then just renege on it and STILL be a hero to those for whom there really is only one side to any "agreement" ... SPEND MORE!
The budget agreement struck late Monday between the White House and Congress hands President Obama a clear victory, vindicating his hard line this year against spending limits that he argued were a drag on the economy and buying him freedom for the final 14 months of his term from the fiscal dysfunction that has plagued his presidency.
From the moment he introduced his budget Feb. 2, Mr. Obama held firm on his demand that Congress break through the punishing across-the-board cuts known as sequestration in the Budget Control Act to provide equal increases to domestic and military spending. He promised to veto any spending bill that adhered to the statutory spending caps, made good on that threat this month by vetoing a popular defense policy bill,
Remember all that hard work and pain that the stupid R's went through in 2011 to "agree" with a total and complete liar on these TINY sequestration caps? Well, that was a complete WASTE OF TIME! They are GONE ... along with the debt limit until 2017. King BO can spend spend SPEND!

**ANY** attempt to put even MINIMAL control on the completely insane runaway spending is WORSE THAN FUTILE!!! Those that do the hard work of even tiny token MEAGER controls on the spending juggernaut are "cruel, hard hearted, ideologues, reactionaries, etc, etc". When some meager reductions in the deficit result, those that fought ANY controls tooth and nail get the credit (see Slick Willie vs Newt, as well as BO vs the "sequester"), and THEN, when the caps are summarily removed (so much for "agreements"!), the spender is the hero yet again!

Any attempt at even meager controls on spending gets to be treated as a goat coming and going!

We continue toward the financial death that this irresponsible excuse for what was once a country so richly deserves!

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