Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Black Votes Matter

How The Democratic Presidential Candidates Responded To The Black Lives Matter Question | ThinkProgress:

One of the marks of a totalitarian system is its ability to get all its adherents to mindlessly utter some phrase or make some sign. "Heil Hitler" is an example, now we have "Black Lives Matter".

On the left there is some disappointment that Hillary didn't jump up and make the statement like BS did.

Civilized free people believe that all human lives matter -- "All lives matter" for short. Including Police, babies, even white people!  Can't be saying things like THAT if you are a Democrat!

When your freedom is removed you are required to repeat a phrase like a trained parrot -- just like the parrots on stage last night.

The Democrats need an energized Black Voter base to show up in enough numbers so they can have some justification for the volume of fraud they need out of those districts. If the polls are empty it is going to be hard to claim that 150% of the voters showed up at the polls!

Black votes are like the conventional explosive in a nuclear weapon used to compress the fissionable material to create the runaway nuclear reaction -- you have to have enough Black Voters show up to allow your massive Democrat nuclear fraud machine to manufacture 10's of thousands of votes in our larger cities!

So they matter to Democrats BIG TIME!

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