Thursday, October 08, 2015

BO Roseburg, Using the Dead

Obama visit to Roseburg stirs local anger about his support for gun control after shooting |

It is hard to find any reporting of the fact that many of the people of Roseburg OR are not happy to see BO swoop in and use their dead as political props for his ideas on gun control. It makes me think back to a piece I wrote in 2010 while the media was coming unglued about BO having any opposition at all -- the Tea Party.

W had plenty of opposition from day 1 -- we heard about him being appointed rather than elected, Cheney and Halliburton, his supposed stupidity, etc -- from day 1. There were ZERO concerns in the media about "he is the President, he ought to be supported". Opposition was patriotic in those days!

Even in the 2004 election, when W included pictures from 9-11 into campaign material, the media went wild -- "using the tragedy for politics" was unseemly, and "the wound was too fresh".

BO? Completely different -- he makes a habit of using mass shootings for politics and even when locals don't enjoy what he is doing it simply isn't a story.

Yet another case of the vast bulk of people being led by the media narrative to completely different mental pastures depending on the spin. It is impossible to not be led unless you REALLY pay attention here, because they operate just like a master magician with indirection, misdirection, alternative story lines and any mechanism at all they can use to make the masses buy into what they are selling.

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