Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BS Flavored Danish

Scandiphilia and Income Inequality | Power Line:

Good summary at PL on the fact that the Scandinavian welfare paradise that BS (Bernie Sanders) imagines to exist ran out of other people's money a while back and they have had to adjust. It turns out that you can't kill ONLY the golden goose (the 1%) to pay for your "Free Stuff", you have to dredge up some serious chicken feed from all the barnyard prisoners -- like a 25% VAT tax on everything you buy!

Canada has been forced to adjust similarly, and in fact both Canada and Denmark are now more free and better places to do business than the old US of A! We do indeed hate big money grubbing corporations, and we have been proving it by sending them packing with high taxes and anti-business regulation for a few decades already! No wonder our level of workforce participation is back to mid 1970's levels!

Here is some data on Denmark specifically if you want to scrape a little BS off your Danish!

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