Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Calling Ben Carson a 'Coon' Ok?

Ben Carson Called 'Coon' by Ivy League Professor for NASCAR Comments | National Review Online:

Looks likely ... he is a conservative, she is a black liberal.

The Oregon shooter was the same race was whatever BO is ... BO's mom was white, dad black. Shooter's mom black, dad white -- but at least the LA Times tried to make him a WHITE Supremacist, and his race and his mother's race seem to approach state secrets. Looks like another Zimmerman "white hispanic" situation.

Race, gender, "hate speech", wealth, truth  -- everything has become infinitely malleable in the service of the narrative of The Party and it's media. We're definitely beyond the looking glass into a world where everything means precisely what The Party says it does -- no more, no less.

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