Thursday, October 22, 2015

Double Damned Ryan

Ryan’s words show why he’ll be a bad Speaker | Power Line:

The Speaker situation in the House is a classic case of "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't".

I like Paul Ryan as a person, and I think he is generally brilliant -- possibly a bit too much so. I also think he has fallen for the MSM / Democrat play book and thinks that "government fixes things". It does, it "fixes things" so everyone on average has MUCH less than they would otherwise, and a LOT less freedom to boot!

The article is worth the time to read. THE PROBLEM is that no matter how much we conservatives would like to get "the best possible speaker", it is a VERY big problem for the Republican Party to be unable to govern the chief piece of government  that it has in it's power! People don't elect people to fail to even be able to select their own leadership!

The situation is grim -- we have a far left incompetent president, a country that has slouched FAR to the left,  an avowed Socialist doing well on the D ticket with the most scurrilous,  dissembling, unappealing harpy imaginable tacking to get left of him!

Meanwhile, the Republican Party has a reality TV Star wealthy obnoxious gadfly leading in the polls, followed by a very likeable and upstanding BRAIN SURGEON (note, not an executive, not a politician ...).

The Republican establishment is pretty much "Socialist lite" -- give the government growing, maybe just a little slower than the D's ... and then of course we have the Tea Party, Freedom Caucus, etc whose hearts are in what I see as the right place, but whose political acumen is sadly lacking.

Given the situation, I'm starting to think not much makes a difference -- Trump or Hillary, most likely with either we are going to continue to search for the bottom! On the bright side, maybe it will all be over before 2016 and we won't have to watch the election!

Ah, starvation, I need lose some weight. Anyone have any good recipes for roast rat?

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